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Friday, 27 November 2009
Psychic's/Medium's Crime and Cold Cases

Working on cold cases and crimes is nothing new for psychic's/Medium's. I was recently asked why we don't see more of it? For one thing alot of crime/coldcases are not in the news esp. if it's an older case. For another thing they are very demanding to work on. Emotionally and energy wise these cases are very draining on us. The recent case I am working on there has been a couple of times I was so overwelmed with what I had experienced it litterally put me in bed for hours. On the other hand I have had cases that were so simple and easy to get the information on. You have to not only be pretty good at deciphering info from the case but you must also be emotionally stable enough to handle experincing the crime. Which can be very difficult in most cases your dealing with very violent deaths.

Years ago when I received information on the Bernardo case I had to take a long break from doing these kind of cases due to the disturbing nature of the crimes and the things I seen and experienced via my gifts. It was good to get the information I recieved and to have an arrest shortly after is  great. I am not saying I solved this case by anymeans but any info that helped in any way  that is the important thing here to pass it along to the authorities.

Factor in also most victims of these crimes have died suddenly and horifficly. In most of these cases they have not crossed to the light and become a ghost. Ghosts are netorious for being tricksters and that makes their direct information not reliable. So to get the information a medium has to channel this entity. That is the hard part taking in a huge amount of emotional information and then decoding all of it. It' like a massive download ...........

I will post more information when I can . At this time all I can say is the information collected to date has been forwarded to the police for followup.

I do hope this answers a bit about how , why and how hard it can be to work on such things for us. At the same time there is nothing more satisfying than to help a entity cross to the light in peace and to have justice finnally. There are many documented cases of psychic's / Medium's helping and getting convictions on cold cases. I do wish more of us would step up and try to help as I said before any information that helps is important.

love and light DJ.

Posted by DJ at 2:54 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 20 December 2010 3:14 PM EST

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