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Sarnia Ontario’s Psychic Medium & Author Darin James does in person readings as well as, phone, video and audio sessions.

Mind & Body book your Reading and Reiki sessions $200 a 2 hr cleansing experience.
2021/2022 has been hard on us all. Book your session NOW. You have power in the now to create the change you’re looking for. I wish everyone the very best in 2023 and 2024. Blessings Darin James

(Psychic / Medium) & Spiritual Adviser  Darin James.
       Psychic/Medium Darin James helps his clients find peace of mind, deal with loss and find the answers they seek for over 30 yrs. 
       Having psychic gifts all his life Darin James has learned many techniques and works closely with others who are also gifted. Helping guide them through their experiences and discovering the energy within.
 (Answers)- Your starting point to the paranormal book by Darin James Psychic Medium. Like the title states this book answers many of the questions people have had over the years when it comes to what  Mr. James does and the paranormal. This book is a starting point for many who seek answers regarding ghost, paranormal, life after death and much more.
If you have questions about your personal experiences or wish to book a one on one personal reading  e-mail @   Contact info below>> 
To Contact Darin James >>> Sarnia Ontario Canada
Call     - 519-402-0024 
Leave a message I will reply A.S.A.P.
         All work is kept confidential and  DJ does not promote his cases for gain. Privacy is key in this line of work.
 His gifts, values , strengths all combine for a unique and fulfilling experience.

Answers Book by Darin James -  available  at this local store  & The Book Keeper bookstore in Sarnia Northgate Plaza. You can find Darin James book in digital as well as paper format ordering online from link on this page. Give the gift of a psychic reading gift certificates available for readings.


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Darin James offers : 

- See-er ( As a See-er DJ can see how you have come to this point in life and what your possible futures may have instore for you)
-Psychometry - (reading from a personal items or pictures)
- Spirit channeling ( contact from the otherside )

-Full Reading-(Aprox. 40-60 minutes) or half hour readings.
- Psychic counseling sessions - couple or one on one.
-Home Cleansing / Smudge the negative energies from your home. Local area only 





Cleansing / Smudging


"Home cleansing & Spirit evaluation ( do you have a ghost ?) - available upon request."

We spend alot on our homes and property . Most have the property inspected for everything mechanical. But what about the energy of your new home. What kind of history has been on your land? Who lived or died there before? 

Have your home cleansed of any negative or lingering energies.

You can sage / cleanse your own property or you can have someone like myself come and clear the energies for you. Either way it is very important to do since enrgies can imprint on Land , objects etc.

Go to my page and video on smudging to learn more.


Click here for Smudging/Protection


Footprints in the sand
You are never truely alone

Payment options:

-Pre paid Paypal secure payments


1 hour $140

1/2 hour $80


Contact for booking times and availability

Reading selections

Get your FIXD Sensor for your car or truck and save $20 by using this link. Fixd has saved me hundreds already. Like having your own personal mechanic to tell you what your car needs. That way you know when you go to your garage.


Get your Earthing/Grounding Mats and products here. We all need to ground for our over all mental and physical health.

 Tracey Marie ( Reiki Master Teacher  , and Energy worker) Experience a relaxing / releasing Reiki session. Book your appointment for a Reiki sessions at her office. Average session lasts about 1 hour. 
Call or Text 519-312-6290  


I am doing all readings from my home office. Mon-Sat 2-5pm. Contact if you would like an appointment. 30 min - 60 min readings (darinjames@darinjamesonline.com)


click here to order your copy of the book Answers- your starting point to the paranormal or Gift certificates.Or use the email link below for information.

What is coming for you in 2024 and beyond?

Give the gift of a Psychic Reading

Gift certificates available

for 1 hour and 1/2 hour readings.

Paypal orders also available.

Darin James Bookings  >>
E mail for info and appointment's.


Darin James

Click Here To Order Answers Online - Softcover or E Book by Darin James Your guide to the paranormal. For everyone who is interested in psychic gifts, paranormal & more.

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Gift Idea : My  book  Answers makes a great gift for anyone interested in the paranormal. Your starting point to the paranormal. The digital version of Answers is a pdf and can be read and downloaded on any device.Order your copy using the link above ........Blessings DJ.
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Blue Water Bridges
Sarnia , Ontario , Canada


E-Mail Darin James click on address
Or call 519-402-0024.
Please leave a detailed message
I may be in a reading.

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Check back often 2021/2022 has many new things coming new events and more . It's an interesting time we live in don't you think? 


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Note from DJ-
One thing you will find that is different compared to others in my field is that I do not use or promote my cases or clients. Each to me is a very personal private & confidential experience. There are times when your not only dealing with emotions but peoples lives that have  and are effected by the paranormal.
I rarely advertise and do my best to keep my client list manageable so that everyone who is in need receives the care they deserve with their case or reading.
Most stories or legends are bases in some part of truth and others can be just amazing.
If you are learning & using your own abilities or gifts ....... have faith , trust in your gifts and protect yourself. There truely are things in this world we still do not fully understand.
Blessings ..............DJ.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with Darin James @:

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E-mail click the link or Call 519-402-0024