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Payment options:

-Pre paid Paypal secure payments via credit card


- E transfers

1 hour $140
1/2 hour $80

Contact for -booking times and availability
Readings/sessions Mon-Sat 2-5 pm
Other times can be arranged for online audio and video sessions.

Email: darinjames@darinjamesonline.com
Call/Text : 519-402-0024

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Darin James offers : 

-See-er (As a See-er DJ can see how you have come to this point in life and what your possible future or futures may have in store for you).
-Psychometry - (reading from a personal item or items)
- Spirit channeling / Medium ( contact from the otherside )
-2-3 Question Readings- (aprox. 20 minutes) Phone or in person  ( Answers to your pressing questions) between full readings or when your not in need of a full reading.
-Full Readings-(Aprox. 40-60 minutes)
-Psychic Counseling- couples or one on one (30-60 min)
-Scrawing- ( pendulum reading)
-Dowsing- ( Ancient art of dowsing with metal dowsing rods)
-Reiki practitioner- ( practitioner of the Reiki natural energy healing methods)
- Bonus's for clients
- Digital copy of your reading available with all sessions.
Contact for booking availability.
Darin James (Psychic / Medium)
Call 519-402-0024
The average reading lasts around 40 minutes to 1 hour. This is what is referred to as a full reading.
Including a digital recording of your reading available to email or upload on your thumb drive to take home with you.
You can have either an hour or a half hour  personal reading. Both come with a digital recording ready to upload.
What to expect?
-If your wanting to hear from a loved one who has crossed over. Start asking that loved one for signs or to come through in your reading before you come.
-If you have any pictures or items you want to bring to be read from get them ready to bring.
-Just be as relaxed as possible.The more relaxed you are the more the energy will flow.
-Have your questions ready ( written down is best so you do not forget).
One question I get asked alot is can I bring someone?
Well of course you may bring a friend or loved one with you. Having someone with you for suport is helpful.
I do try to do the readings one on one though. When you book a personal reading I want you to get the most you can from this time. Having your friend or loved one in the reading with you can detract from your reading at times.
I have had cases where the friends energy over rides the client and I start seeing things for the friend.
Reading for people is about the energy and what I see and feel from the client. If more than one person is in the room I start to read from them as well. Just something to keep in mind when booking a personal reading.
So that being said I encourage you to bring a friend and have them wait for you.
"Home cleansing & Spirit evaluation ( do I have a ghost ?) - available upon request."
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