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Here are some links to all kinds of interesting Paranormal sites:


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Psychic Medium Darin James Homepage

New ...Haunted locations in he USA great links here

The Warrens - Demonologists and paranormal experts

The Ghost Adventures Crew - One of the best paranormal research groups.

Stones n Bones Museum - Downtown Sarnia's only resource for rocks , jems & crystals, white sage, sweet grass, smudge feathers / shells and much more.

A Touch of Healing By Carol - Reiki practitioner Carol Andrew ( Treatments at her home, office,Mobile & Pet Reiki) Click to visit Carols Site.

Robbie Thomas Psychic Criminal Profiler & Best Selling Author, Screenwriter/Producer

A&E Paranormal State - The one group that uses psychics & truely does their best to help those in need.

PRS Homesite- The home of PRS the group behind the tv show Paranormal State.

Theresa Caputo- Long Island Medium home page

Homepage for Chip Coffee Psychic Medium (Paranormal State & Psychic Kids)

TAPS The Atlantic Paranormal Society - Homepage of TAPS from the tv series Ghost Hunters.

Most Haunted

The Rescue Mediums - tv series

Everyday Paranormal - The people behind the new show Ghost Lab on Discovery

Destination Truth - Paranormal research show on syfy

The Happy Medium Kim Russo -


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