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Monday, 20 December 2010
Thank you and here's to the New Year 2011

I really have not done much with my blog this year. Sorry I do hope to either do more or use some other form so you can keep up with my adventures.

This has been a bit of an interesting year to say the least. I have met many wonderful people while dealing with personal health issues within my family. The support has been amazing and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Hopefully I will get back to my regular routine in the new year. But family comes first and this continues to be my priority.

I will and still do help others when I can . Lets hope this is a prosperous healthy  year for all in 2011.

Again thank you and God blesss...... Have a very MerryChristmas    DJ.

Posted by DJ at 2:53 PM EST
Friday, 15 January 2010
Gifts , Strife and personal power.... it's a choice.

   There are many people who have gifts of varrious kinds out there. I find when starting the journey to your own personal enlightenment and expanding of your gifts you need to start with you. You like everyone carry some or alot of your past with you as you walk through life. These issues , pains and strife of various kinds can and will hold you back on this journey.

There is a bible verse that talks about taking the plank out of your eye before you can remove the sliver in a fellows eye. That refers to just this....... how can you help others when you carry so much with you. Deal with your own personal issues and demons then you will see how much more you can help others . As well as see how much more you will get out of life.

We are human so emotions are part of who we are. But we don't have to carry the pain . Remember what has happened in your past of course all of these things are a learning and part of who we are. I'm just saying that by letting go of the pain we help ourselves so that we can help others even more so. Like going into a relationship with both parties having bagage but neither willing to work on that bagage. The relationship is in trouble from the beginning due to this. Sure you can choose to keep the relationship going no matter what . But how much more would you have and how much more can you live? If the bagage is no longer an issue for you.

Dealing with things is never easy quite the oposite really. But choosing the hard road and dealing with issues does help. This is only the first step in discovering more in your life.

Just my thoughts for today ............. DJ

Posted by DJ at 2:35 PM EST
Monday, 4 January 2010
Death, the past, the future and more

Death is no respector of time or holidays. It is something we must face each and everyone of us. Yet it is also one of the things we try to not think about or deal with until we are facing death again.

This fast pased society where people are just to busy to keep in touch like they use to. Gathering as a family for weddings or funerals vowing to change and stay in touch with each other in the future.

Strife, personal pains and struggles from the past hold so many people back from being all they can be . As well as experiencing so much more for themselves and with family and friends. Even my own family is like this.

We just burried my grandmother on Dec. 30th our family has been so devided there was a question on would people show up for the service? To our amazment and pleasure they did ........ every relative but two of them showed up. Not only that but I watched as the strife melted away to hugs and tears. Some real healing happened that day and I am so glad to be there and be part of it.

What am I getting at well a couple of things really........ first death is going to come for all of us and all those we love. Death is not an end but a beginning of the next faze of the journey. Of course those left behind will grieving thats natural to mourn the departed. It's also natural to celibrate their life and keep them living within you and your memories of them.

Secondly it's the pains and trials that keep family from being family , friends from being friends and more. Keeping these things within you can cause stress that becomes physical or emotional pains in the long run. Non of us can change our past sure we would like to do over or repair some of those things . Others are just to horible to forgive...... but it's not so much about who hurt you it's about you. How long are you willing to allow another person to harm you by you keeping that pain in. Forgive but don't forget and have a good future without anything keeping you back emotionally or otherwise.

We are human we make mistakes but the great thing about that is we can get back up and try again. Nobody can say we are not persistant as a race . We will fight and fight and fight for what is right. So fight for you , your health and well being you are worth it are you not?

As you see I'm not perfect either but I choose to forgive and work on it daily. The future looks much brighter when you can clear the clouds of your past trust me I know.

 Just a few thoughts ........ I hope it helps DJ

Posted by DJ at 1:06 PM EST
Monday, 28 December 2009
Holiday Season

   The Holiday Season is partly over now and I wanted to just put a few thoughts down . To some it's a season of magic , presents, family and good food. For others it's not as special for many reasons. Financial lack with so many out of work . Missing loved ones who are far away or no longer with us this year.

Myself I find there is Magic still in the Christmas season if you look for it. This year was bitter sweet for me and my family. Our Son so far away starting his life and making his own roads. Doesn't matter how old age doesn't matter when it comes to family. The sadness of loosing my grandmother christmas Eve. My wifes Aunt's mother passed a day and a half before that. Plus we have thoughts of the loved ones who passed in previous years and are no longer with us.

Family who for what ever reasoning don't speak anymore and are separated by strife and anger. All of  these reasons are enough to bring you down. I chose not to let any of those take me down that path.

Instead of thinking about the negative we celibrated the memory of those lost to us . They are still with us in the good memories and in our hearts always. The long distance family we talked to and exchanged gifts still. Making them part of our christmas and us part of theirs. Embracing those who are able to be with us even more so this holiday season. Because in this world we now live in with all it's wonders you have to find the light and the good and celibrate it now today. Being strong and able to deal with whatever comes our way next and it will come. We just can't worry about what is to come. It's to hard on anyone to dwell on the negative. Don't  get me wrong I'm not saying be all pie in the sky and out of touch . I am just saying that even I have things to bring me down I just chose to find the good in all the bad that is around us. I never even mentioned the downer news that is on daily .

So try your best to make the best of it. Problems are a bit easier if you face them one day at a time. And instead of looking at the pile of bad build your own pile of good.

May 2010 be a wonderous year of change and prosperity for you all. From my family to yours Happy Holidays , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And May you find the strength to be all you can be for you and those you love. Remember we are the keepers of the memories of those who are no longer physically with us. Celibrate those memories keeping them alive always................. DJ.

Posted by DJ at 12:52 PM EST
Friday, 27 November 2009
Psychic's/Medium's Crime and Cold Cases

Working on cold cases and crimes is nothing new for psychic's/Medium's. I was recently asked why we don't see more of it? For one thing alot of crime/coldcases are not in the news esp. if it's an older case. For another thing they are very demanding to work on. Emotionally and energy wise these cases are very draining on us. The recent case I am working on there has been a couple of times I was so overwelmed with what I had experienced it litterally put me in bed for hours. On the other hand I have had cases that were so simple and easy to get the information on. You have to not only be pretty good at deciphering info from the case but you must also be emotionally stable enough to handle experincing the crime. Which can be very difficult in most cases your dealing with very violent deaths.

Years ago when I received information on the Bernardo case I had to take a long break from doing these kind of cases due to the disturbing nature of the crimes and the things I seen and experienced via my gifts. It was good to get the information I recieved and to have an arrest shortly after is  great. I am not saying I solved this case by anymeans but any info that helped in any way  that is the important thing here to pass it along to the authorities.

Factor in also most victims of these crimes have died suddenly and horifficly. In most of these cases they have not crossed to the light and become a ghost. Ghosts are netorious for being tricksters and that makes their direct information not reliable. So to get the information a medium has to channel this entity. That is the hard part taking in a huge amount of emotional information and then decoding all of it. It' like a massive download ...........

I will post more information when I can . At this time all I can say is the information collected to date has been forwarded to the police for followup.

I do hope this answers a bit about how , why and how hard it can be to work on such things for us. At the same time there is nothing more satisfying than to help a entity cross to the light in peace and to have justice finnally. There are many documented cases of psychic's / Medium's helping and getting convictions on cold cases. I do wish more of us would step up and try to help as I said before any information that helps is important.

love and light DJ.

Posted by DJ at 2:54 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 20 December 2010 3:14 PM EST
Friday, 6 November 2009
Darin James update
Mood:  caffeinated

Hello...... Darin James here..... it truely has been an amazing time as of late. I have been helping clients with their struggles of life and helping with spirits who come through. The Devils night event went great we had a full turnout and everyone was very pleased with the results they received.

The night almost came to a hault from the get go ...... soon as I walked in I could sence the presence of an older woman who seriously was unimpressed with my partner Judy and I. The spirit litterally said " I don't like you and what you represent get out of my house!" Well needless to say I was very surprised by that one. But I had to do somthing and fast. So I went in the area I was using for readings that night and found my wife Tracey & Judy the other psychic helping me . I told them what happened and Judy said"I felt a very unhappy presence myself". So we had a conversation with the spirit who we found out was the former home owner who had passed fairly recently in the home . The new owners it turns out knew about her and felt her in the home since they moved in. I found this out after we delt with the issue at hand.

So anyways to make a long story short her Name is Gwen I called her by her last name though Mrs ##### sorry for privacy I am leaving her name out. They had raised their family in this house and it turns out it was the second house built in the area. She said we could proceed and kept vigil over us during the first readings Judy and I did. After that she seemed find with what we were doing and like that we were helping others. Mrs. #### had messages for the neighbours who she knew well and helped to bring in the neighbours brother and father which made for a wonderful reading for him. Another spirit who was the mother of the hostess and her sister who was present had messages for both of the ladies and took her youngest daughters friend who passed just two weeks earlier to the other side.

This is just some of what happened on the devils night event. As I said all in all it was a wonderful time for all of us.

I do find it hard when a person wants to speek to or hear from a loved one but they are either not coming through or have not returned from the other side. What I mean by that is when a person pass's they still are who they are in essence . In most cases after a short period of time ( mind you time and space have no meaning on the other side) they usually go to what I call heaven but there are many names for it. When they are there I can't  contact them . Not until they return if they decide to return that is.It is when they return that they become a spirit of good energy. The ones who pass and do not go over to the other side run the risk of becoming ghosts . This is just what I have come across in my many yrs as a medium. You can read more about this on my site www.darinjamesonline.com .

For the most part though I wanted to say that I have noticed more spirit activity than usual. More are coming through, more reports of paranormal events happening and more people with the gifts are exploring their tallents. You can see this in society by all the tv shows , books and refferences there are to the paranormal and ghosts lately.

It is definately keeping myself and other psychic mediums busy thats for sure. Thank you to all who have come to seem me or taken part in the events . All the letters and notes are very much appreciated keep them coming. I do my best to answer personally and help as many people as I can. Until next time Love & Light DJ.

Posted by DJ at 4:21 PM EST
Wednesday, 28 October 2009
Ghost Hunting & Paranormal tv

It amazes me as a psychic to see how far things have come in such a short time really. We have so many paranormal based shows's from Ghost Hunters aka Taps, to the newest of them all Extream Paranormal which has been a two episode trial and I am sure will be picked up soon.

Being a life long psychic it took me a long time to come to grips with the things I see , feel and experience myself. During that time paranormal has gone from taboo to accepted by millions today.

The ones who started the entire tv craze is Most Haunted from the UK . This is also one of the few who use mediums , psychics and intuatives to help in their investigations. Off the top of my head I think they have been onair for 13 seasons with specials as well. What followed was a whole stream of various takes on ghost hunting PRS or Paranormal State is the one I like due to the fact they truely do their best to help people as well as the investigation end of things. Then we have Taps / Ghost Hunters which spun off into GHI the Eropian version of the show investigating all over the world. Celebrity Ghost hunters a short lives series , Extream paranormal & Ghost Lab . There is also a long time series for kids on ytv called Ghost Trackers where every week two ghost hunting teens take on the latest location and are then voted on by peers as to who did the best investigation. And lets not forget our two favorite lady's Jackie Dennison and Christine Hamlett in Rescue Mediums  then Jackie Dennison teams up with a new psychic medium, Alison Wynne-Ryder in the new series.

Some deal with helping those reporting hauntings and others are more about debunking or proving the reality of the paranormal events. I am sure there are some I haven't talked about here but the point is this show's how much things have grown in the acceptance of the paranormal. Even the prime time tv viewing with show's like Medium, Ghost wisperer and more.

Yes this seems to be the age of paranormal tv,books, movies etc. Inspiring thousands of new groups for discusion as well as hunting activity themselves.

As for me...... more is not  necessarily better although opening anyones mind to the unknown and paranormal is a plus. You still have to weigh reality from not and theatrics from the real evidence that has been and is being produced by many. Keep an open mind and keep searching folks the truth is out there. I have often said in every myth or historical story a seed of truth is at the centre.

                                     Love & Light DJ

Posted by DJ at 5:18 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 28 October 2009 9:04 PM EDT
Wednesday, 30 September 2009
Destination Truth -

I recently watched season 3 episode 1 of Destination Truth- for those who do not watch this program it's a investigative show looking into Myths, paranormal & the unusual.

This episode they were in Romania where many reports of strange sightings, sounds and more. Mostly centred around a large circular clearing where nothing grows. I honestly wasn't expecting much since you hear so much about Romania and the reports over the yrs with not a great amount of evidence.

It turned out to be a very exciting episode though with everything from the roof coming off the plane they chartered to see the clearing. To Evp's , Photo's and the most amazing pc of video evidence I think I have seen in yrs. Where a grown man sitting vanish's is seconds. The team also had the reports of sudden illness and headaches come true as well. Josh the host of the show was so mystified by the evidence he involved the fella's at Taps to review the evidence.

If you have a chance have a look at this show on you tube I will post the link and let me know your thoughts on this episode. The reactions and the evidence tell me they had a very scary time in those woods...... you decide.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP9O_obUeSM this link will take you to part one of Destination Truth episode 1 Season 3.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this ............. DJ

Posted by DJ at 12:36 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 30 September 2009 12:37 PM EDT
Sunday, 30 August 2009
Today is the day

Today is the day............ all of us have issues and things from our past and dreams or goals for the future. Both of these have an effect on our direction. But when it comes down to it the only thing we truely control is this moment right now. You can choose how you react to the things of the past or combination of that and the challenges of today. It is the combination of life experiences that make us who we are and if your looking for change then (Today is your day) You have the choice right now to make things better.

I learned long ago the things of the past can be painful and troubling but what does that do for you today? What does getting down or upset about those things now do for you? I chose to not worry one more minute no more waisting of time on things I can't change. I am not saying to forget those things of the past since they are very real and very personal to you. All I am saying is you can choose to let them stay in the past and not effect your emotional self today. Make plans for the future . All goals start with a dream and then a direction to become a goal. And you have the power today how you react to , choose from or direct your future.

When I was first diagnosed and became disabled it was a blow for me and my family. I've lived in pain for a long time and when it first happened I lost almost everything but my wife and kids. When your working along and doing well in the world and have a sudden physical ailment resulting in sudden income loss. Well lets just say the cards fall fast and things start to go away. On top of it there was nothing I could do about it due to my physical condition. My point is this I could have chosen to live with the poor me's and think what I could have done differently. But I choose to keep fighting for a better life. Sometimes it's only one day at a time . Make the best of life lemmons and all one day at a time until it gets better. The clouds will eventually clear and life will start to look better for each of us......it's our choice.

So what do you think is today your day? ........ just a few thoughts is all.......D

Posted by DJ at 2:09 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 30 August 2009 4:13 PM EDT
Sunday, 26 July 2009
Mustard Seed of Faith
Now Playing: All it takes is a seed of faith to create the reality

The Mustard Seed -

The smallest seed that becomes a huge tree . This has been used in various religions and faiths over the ages. Here are two of the most popular references to the Mustard Seed parables: 

Matthew 17:19-20  "Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, 'Why could we not cast it out?' He said to them, 'Because of your little faith. For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you."

Luke 17:5-6 "The apostles said to the Lord, 'Increase our faith!' The Lord replied. 'If you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it would obey you.'"

In my studdies as well as my work visualization comes up alot. And it is a very helpful tool. That got me thinking I have used this method so many times and had results. But it still wasn't enough for me. So my wife and I came up with the idea of Mustard seed touchstones. Basically a touch stone of varrious shapes , clear with a single mustard seed within. We made a few for ourselves one in a coin mold , a rock and several others. I have to tell you for us this intensified the entired experience of believing in the faith using a mustard seed. No matter what we were believing for having that seed in my hand, or pocket or just sitting on the table in front of me. I could truely see and feel what I was meant to feel in that perable about the mustard seed. ( you only need the faith of a mustard seed ) ( believe and it shall come unto you) . On bad days or those moments of low faith we pull out that seed and think of what it means . It just makes so much of a difference for us to hold it and see it. Rather than to only picture the seed in your mind.

If anyone would like their very own mustard seed touchtone just drop us an e mail darinjames@darinjamesonline.com or to just have a look go to http://members.tripod.com/gypsy_1701/ibelieveintheseed/

Put some power behind your believing by holding this hand made mustard seed touchstone. It helps us ....now it can help you to.

Posted by DJ at 1:06 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 26 July 2009 1:32 PM EDT

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